Saturday, June 13, 2009

Another Bike Ride

From 2009_06_12_Bike_Ride_Limecreek

Now that the Pflugerville Triathlon is looming near, I've been doing much more biking than usual. Yesterday, my friends, J, G, and I did a 20 mile hilly loop thru the Town of Volente, where they have Volente Beach Park. Muscles are sore from the hills (a good feeling mentally!), but, doing these types of workouts make me more comfortable in thinking I can get thru my first sprint tri of the year.

From 2009_06_12_Bike_Ride_Limecreek

I've not had a chance to do much wilt-proof running since my daughter has been out of school. These upcoming 2 weeks, I'll get to do a few, since my daughter is in summer camps in the morning. I hope this will at least mentally prepare me....wait.I only have one more week until my triathlon! Oh well, at least I have one week.

And, I'm going to do a few sessions in the lap pool. The one thing that I don't do well is sighting. Why don't lakes just have those nice black lines like the pool does? What's all this murkiness about?


jeanne said...

you look great! I think we're going to do just fine! I'm just going to think of my tri next week as practice. REALLY just practice. and practice makes perfect!

I'm heading out for a long ride by myself in the morning--wish me luck!

ShirleyPerly said...

You can practice sighting in a pool by swimming blind: close your eyes when your face is in the water, every few strokes, pop your head up and see if you're still in the center of your lane.

Glad you got out for a bike ride. I think all time outside, to include mowing your yard is good heat training.