Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pflugerville Triathlon Race Results

I finally got my first triathlon for 2009 under my belt this past weekend. It was my friend G's first tri and she did fantastic! It was my 2nd time around on this tri, and with an overcast morning, it made for great weather, even though it was in the 90's. Here's my stats - from this race and last year's race.

Here's the video proof:

Pflugerville 2009 Triathlon from JL on Vimeo.

Things that went well include:
1. I wore a new outfit - my Nike two piece swimsuit. I put on bike shorts just for the bike - and the moisture issues has been resolved - yay!
2. Last year, I was so anxious when swimming - this time, I was much more relaxed - and it was more enjoyable!
3. Maddy, my bike, performed so well! She's my reason for my improved bike time.

Lessons learned:
1. Stop bringing two boatloads of water on a 14 mile bike ride! I don't know why I always do this!
2. Don't buy gummy bear types of energy food as they're hard to chew while biking or running. I had a hard time breathing and chewing!
3. Stop bringing a boatload of water on my run - I only needed 1/2 of a bottle, at least on this overcast day. It's just too heavy to tote. I ended up dumping some of it after I got smart.
4. Eat more healthy - I was eating way too much junk food the week before the race.
5. Should do a few more bricks before the real thing. I only did one half-ass brick, and I could feel it when running. I felt like a slug!

All in all, I was happy to be out there, especially having my friend G with me. It was her first triathlon and she was awesome! Go G!


jeanne said...

awesome job! look at that bike split! wow! I hear ya on the bricks, though. ditto!

Petraruns said...

Nice work girl - beautiful video (and woman) and what a sense of accomplishment you must feel. It's so hard to judge your nutritional needs because they do change...

Girl on Top said...

Great job! I have never done a tri so you are way ahead of me.

Jules said...

Such a cool video - I love hearing your little girl screaming for you!

Did you put your bike shorts over your swim bottoms? Just wondering how the logistics of it all work...

ShirleyPerly said...

Congrats to both you and G!!

Definitely an improvement on the bike split with your new road bike. And, personally, even with brick runs in training I still feel like a slug the first couple miles of a run (one of many reasons I don't like sprint tris). Glad you found a solution to the moisture issue.

Anyway, way to go and nice video too!

peter said...

Sounds like you & your friend had great races. Great weather in the 90s? Yikes!

Rainmaker said...

Congrats, very nicely done! I like your list of lessons learned too. I never considered taking gummy bears on the run/bike - and even though you suggest against it...they just sound SOOO good.