Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Getting ready for the fall

I keep saying I'm going to update my blog. Days become weeks, and before you know it, it's been too long! I've been much more active on facebook these days than here on my blog. Maybe it's because I've not done anything interesting in terms of my exercise regiment.

My weeks this summer have been so wholly dependent on my daughter's schedule. And, her schedule has been changing every week. And, so I've tried to just eek out a workout somewhere in between. That's about all I've been able to do, as her camp schedule was so light these past few weeks.

Starting this week, I'm finally going to have a bit of time - yay! This week, we have a full day camp. It's heaven for me! Next week, school starts up again, and we'll be back on a regular schedule. I'm one of those people who need alone time to get "stuff" done. And, this semester, I'm also taking one class. Anyone else taking a course this fall?

Other than this, I'm just prodding along. I try to get a workout in 5 days a week - anything counts as a workout - believe me! I've decided not to participate in races for now, and rather just focus on getting organized. Papers are flying everywhere in my office! It's definitely time to file these receipts and papers away!


ShirleyPerly said...

From your blog header description, I didn't think your blog was ever really just about exercise. In fact, I think few people's blogs are. It does seem like FB has become quite popular these days, though. Like TV, however, I have no time for it. No time for a class either, though a yoga class would probably be good for me to de-stress and get some extra stretching in. Sigh ...

Anyway, good luck with your class and hope C enjoys her camp!

peter said...

My days chasing after children are done, and I didn't run then anyway, but I can imagine it's hard. And the paperwork! I just yesterday mailed off my 2008 taxes.