Thursday, September 17, 2009

Life almost back to normal

Now that my daughter has returned to school, I'm almost recovered from the summer! And, this means that I can finally get back to reading some blogs and writing a bit. It's funny how fall weather hit so quickly here - the first week of school, it was still in the 100's, as it had been since June. Then all of a sudden, KAPOW, the weather is now fall like in the 80's with crisp mornings.

I've decided to take a class at the local college, and my husband and I are working feverishly on a project for our biz that starts next week. He's finally starting to use his gym membership and I'm finally able to do some more regular exercise. I started this week in doing morning 2 mile walks, after I walk my daughter to school. Then in the afternoon, I do some other exercise that's more aerobic in nature. I feel like I'm spoiling myself rotten! :-)

Today, I found a race to run. The price is right - FREE. It's at my gym. Though there are several different lengths, I'm going for just the 3 miler, since I've not been running as regularly.

My project for today is...get a chore list for my 5 year old. I'm hoping this will help her become more aware of finances. I've never done a chore list before (with stars and allowance to go with it), but I hear some people swear by it. Would love to hear your comments on this idea.

So, hope everyone is doing well. Will try to catch up to blogs more this week. Next week will start another round of a hectic schedule that will go on for a few weeks. But, it's all good! Better to be too busy than sitting around twiddling my thumbs!


ShirleyPerly said...

Chore list? Hmm, would that be anything like those lists we used to make for ourselves as kids for allowance money? Of course, often Mom probably ended up redoing some of the stuff we did since we didn't do it very good ;-)

Great to hear about the free race!

Petraruns said...

Good to hear you're getting your organised head on - I need to do the same. The cooler weather concentrates all of our minds, I'm sure, as well as the kids going back to school and finding our lives again.. Good luck with the race!

peter said...

I hope you're still getting your workouts in and you'll find the time to occasionally post soon!